Amy Bloom, Inc.

Servicing clients throughout South Florida and the Midwest, Amy Bloom Inc. is the premier choice for event production, event planning, project management and promotion of corporate, not-for-profit and business events, both big and small.

Everyone wants to put on a great event. And by working with Amy Bloom Inc., that’s exactly what you’ll do. From drawing up initial concepts to putting on the polished final product, and managing every step in between, you can count on Amy Bloom Inc. to handle it all – and deliver an event that spells SUCCESS.

Event Services

Event Creation

At Amy Bloom Inc., we like to start things off where they should – at the beginning. The first step of our process involves sitting down with you to discuss the idea behind your event and the purpose you want it to help you achieve. We’ll then work together to draw up a plan and lay out the necessary steps to stage your event.

Project Management

In between an event’s creation and its final goodbye, there are many steps that must be taken to ensure its success. During our more than 15 years of experience, we’ve walked through all of them. We like to compare it to putting together the pieces of a puzzle – Amy Bloom Inc. will assist in any way. Whether it is to coordinate a project or to produce your entire event, we are here to help.


Every event needs a great marketing plan. At Amy Bloom Inc. we’ll help you to identify your target audience as well as the most effective promotional tactics to reach them. Next, we’ll work with the best vendors and appropriate informational outlets to generate awareness for your event – and create a maximum buzz.

Start planning your next success by contacting Amy today!